Welcome to the Florida 8(a) Alliance

A non-profit organization with a mission to Strengthen, Train, Educate and Promote 8(a) and small business firms in the state of Florida.

Making Connections – From Our Start

Who We Are…

Established in 2011, the Florida 8(a) Alliance came about with the idea of giving back to the community that assisted Andy Harold in the establishment of his small business. Firmly establishing itself as a reputable small business resource, the Alliance provides “real deal” and “lessons learned” information to small businesses interested in federal contracting.

Whether its to learn more about getting 8(a) certified, doing business in the Federal Marketplace or just looking for networking opportunities, the Florida 8(a) Alliance supports all businesses.

What We Do…

Training, education, and networking is the core focus of w hat the Florida 8(a) Alliance is all about. Industry experts from government agencies, large business partners, consultants, universities, and other small businesses are continually cultivated to share their knowledge in a variety of training environments.

What we’ve done…

The first task the Florida 8(a) Alliance undertook was to organize a federal contracting conference, bringing together government representatives, and small and large businesses. Expecting only 75 participants, they received over 120+. Seeing the enthusiasm, the need to educate small businesses and provide networking opportunities, the Alliance continued with ongoing support through a monthly newsletter and webinars. And each year, the reach and partnerships have increased.

The Alliance has been the recipient of $350,000 in grant funds from the Florida Defense Support Task Force, subcontracted with NMSDC on an SBA grant, and contracted with the Jacksonville Chamber and the Florida SBDC Network to provide training to small businesses.

Connecting through Membership…

As a membership driven non-profit, this is a great opportunity to be a part of a group of small businesses all looking to grow and prosper in the Federal Market.

Chris Butler, Vistra Communications, LLC shares the benefits he’s experienced after attending the Florida 8(a) Alliance Federal Contracting Conference for the past three years.

Board chairman and co-founder, Andy Harold shares a captivating and informative message on the benefits of becoming a member of the Florida 8(a) Alliance.

Listen in as Mr. Harold presents several questions many small business owners in the federal government market are looking for assistance with. Discover how Florida 8(a) Alliance can help fast track your business to success.

The Florida 8(a) Alliance is open to All businesses that are:

  • HUBZone
  • WOSB
  • And other members of the general public
  • 8(a) Businesses
  • 8(m) Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Large Businesses
  • Veteran-Owned